GigSky gives you free broadband in over 70 countries

The GigSky international SIM card comes with 10 MB of free mobile broadband service the first time travelers land in any of the countries that GigSkye covers.

GigSky rate plans provide decent mobile broadband data service in more than 70 countries — with rates as low as $0.10/MB.  The company provides a universal SIM that enables them to maintain their digital lives effortlessly when traveling abroad by connecting to 3G and/or 4G networks without incurring exorbitant roaming charges or managing multiple SIM cards and mobile providers.

Due to the high cost of international data roaming, travelers are often relegated to turning off their devices, limiting use or seeking out Wi-Fi hotspots, which are not as ubiquitous as 3G/4G networks, when connecting abroad. 

Before traveling abroad, a user simply inserts the GigSky Universal Data SIM into any unlocked smartphone, tablet, laptop or mobile router, and downloads the GigSky app. On arrival, the traveler can open the GigSky app to select a preferred broadband data plan. Traveling among countries where 3G/4G service is available, the app prompts the traveler to select a data plan for use in each area; the app then helps the user manage charges incurred for access and usage in each country, and the billing for his or her account.