Report: LG prepping a curved Android phone

LG is reportedly prepping a new Android smartphone dubbed the G Flex.

The device apparently boasts a 6-inch curved glass display, with the phone itself featuring a slight, curved slope.

A number of sites – including Engadget and CNET – have managed to obtained purported images of the upcoming phone.

As Liliputing’s Brad Linder notes, the screen is built on plastic substrates instead of glass, allowing LG to design a screen capable of bending without breaking.

“While the rest of the phone is pretty rigid (you can’t just roll it up into a ball), the flexibility doesn’t just mean LG can produce a phone that curves,” Linder explained. “It also means that it’ll be much harder to break the screen by putting pressure on it.”

It should probably noted that Samsung has also been touting a phone with a flexible display, although the Samsung Galaxy Round is actually concave width-wise, while the LG G Flex is apparently capable of bending along its length.