Apple has its own blue screen of death (BSOD): finally!

Microsoft is definitely toast. We are truly in the post-PC era because when phones start to die on us like this, who needs a PC? Everything old is new again. iWorks and iCould synching may be to blame. Schadenfreude iPhone haters!

Apple recently had to update iOS 7 software to fix a bug that allowed users to bypass security code entry on the lock screen and just dive into personal stuff. The update did not fix a problem with iMessage and it did not address the dreaded BSOD.

What causes the BSOD on the iPhone 5S? Apparently, it has something to do with iWorks that comes pre-installed on the iPhone. And it has nothing to do with the iPhone 5C so far, apparently. There are a bunch of YouTube videos showcasing the glorious moment iPhone users join the rest of us plebs who grew up on BSOD back in the early 90s. 

Here’s how to recreate the problem with Number. Awesome accent, dude:



If that is a bit sedate, you can rub one out, a BSOD that is, in the dark. You think I’m joking, but check this out:



The workaround seems to be to disable iCloud for Keynote, Numbers and Apple’s Pages on the iPhone 5S.

Have you tried turning it off and on again, iPhone users?