RCA touts (Android) Internet Music System

RCA may seem like it is going old school with its new Internet Music System, although the stereo is actually built around a 7-inch touchscreen tablet running Google’s Android OS.

“When the tablet’s locked into place, it acts as the touchscreen controls for the stereo. You can use it to navigate apps and even watch videos on the stereo system,” writes Liliputing’s Brad Linder.

“Or you can remove the tablet from the stereo and continue to use it. The tablet stays connected to the speakers over Bluetooth, letting you control media playback from your couch.”

Of course you can also hook up the Internet Media System to a TV using HDMI, using it to stream audio or video content to a bigger screen.

As you can see in the video above, RCA’s Internet Media System supports Google’s official Play Store, along with other apps like Pandora, Spofity, TuneIn and Rdio. There is also a built-in CD player and digital radio tuner.

RCA’s Android Internet Music System will be hitting Walmart shelves at some point in the near future.