Video: KDE Connect Android (mobile) with Linux (desktop)

KDE Connect can best be described as a utility that allows your Linux desktop to receive Android phone notifications, while transforming your smarpthone into a remote control for music and video players.

AsLiliputing’s Brad Linder notes, developer Albert Vaca is working on KDE Connect as a Google Summer of Code project.

“It currently supports Android 4.0 and up,” explained Linder. “[Plus], the KDE Connect protocol is available for anyone interested in bringing similar functionality to mobile devices running other operating systems.”

As expected, KDE Connect also bridges the divide between your phone and PC in a number of other ways including:

  • Displays missed calls or SMS notifications on a PC
  • View smartphone’s battery status on your desktop
  • Synchronize clipboard data
  • Use media play, pause, and forward buttons on your phone to control playback on your computer.
  • Transfer files between a PC and mobile device (future versions)

Interested? KDE Connect can be downloaded here.