Marvell’s ARMADA 1500-mini chip powers Google’s $35 Chromecast

Last week, Google introduced a $35 device dubbed “Chromecast.” Essentially, Chromecast plugs into HD TV’s, “casting” online content from phones, tablets and laptops on to HD TVs.

As expected, Chromecast works with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV and Google Play Music, with more apps like Pandora coming soon.

The Chromecast is powered by Marvell’s recently launched 88DE3005 single core processor, aka the Armada 1500-mini. According to Marvell, the new chip is specifically targeted at low-power devices including TV dongles like the Chromecast.

Key specs include 1080p HD video decoding support, integrated WiFi and support for Widevine and Playreader DRM.

As Liliputing’s Brad Linder noted, while the Google Chromecast is the first device to feature the new Armada 1500-mini chip, it seems like Marvell is likely positioning the 1500 as a platform for other low-power media streaming devices.

“That’s not a big surprise. When Google announced the Chromecast, the company said it was just the first product to feature Google Cast technology,” Linder explained.

“Eventually the protocol could be built into Blu-ray players and other set-top boxes, allowing you to stream internet video to your TV while using your phone, tablet, or PC as a remote control even without a separate dongle like the Chromecast. It’s possible that Marvell’s Armada 1500-mini chip could be one of the processors that would be used in boxes of that type.”