IKEA entices potential consumers with augmented reality

IKEA will be enhancing the shopping experience with new augmented reality features in its mobile application for the 2014 catalog.This August, IKEA will be rolling out its print version of the 2014 catalog that is themed “All Moments Count.” IKEA is also releasing a mobile component for the program on July 25 via an augmented reality app.“This year the big difference is the augmented reality,” said Marty Marston, product public relations manager at IKEA U.S., Conshohocken, PA.“When they open up their IKEA catalog, either on their printed version or the digital version, they’re going to see a plus sign that’s inside an orange circle, and on those particular products, and there are 90 in the catalog, [they] will have the ability to be able to be transposed, or through the magic of augmented reality will be able to be superimposed in a place within their home,” she said.“So that particular IKEA product will be able to be in a sense photographed or lifted off the IKEA catalog page and superimposed in that location in their, let’s say it’s a sofa that they want to try out, in their own living room, to see how that sofa would look amongst the other furniture they have in their home.”