Rockchip does multitasking for Android

Rockchip has upgraded its multi-window system for Android, allowing users to more easily mutitask on tablets running the OS.

As Android Police notes, users can theoretically browse the web, stream a YouTube video, toggle system settings and chat with friends – all without jumping back and forth between full-screen applications.

“While we’ve seen windowed Android apps before, most notably on Samsung devices, only a few apps were supported, limiting the functionality’s usefulness,” explained Android Police’s Bertel King, Jr.

“[However], Rockchip’s offering supports resizing windows via two-finger and three-finger gestures.”

Meaning, users can easily drag windows and position them manually, or watch as they snap automatically to fill half or a fourth of the screen.

As expected, the latest Rockchip tweak to Google’s Android is built on top of 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), and included a slew of new features aside from windows management, including support for custom quick-start programs and the ability to snap a screenshot using gestures.

Additional features can be seen in the video above.