Samsung Tab 3 versus Nexus 10: why are you still buying an iPad

If you can get a Tab 3 or a Nexus 10 for $399, why would you want an iPad. I don’t get it, but anyhow, let’s take a look at the latest review of these two Android babies and faceslap our way through an Apple Store.

Mobile Tech Review has the smackdown. The only downside is that Samsung is using an Intel chipset. Hmmm. Like we said before, Intel is in a world of trouble.

Now, to be fair to the iPad, you don’t have this much confusion. There’s one way and only one way; the Apple way. With all competing Android devices, you have a mishmash of specs that you have to deal with, including not always getting the latest version of the OS installed on your device, and every carrier has its own rules for its device.

But still, this is the post-PC era. Didn’t we all live for that kind of confusion in the old days? No 2 PCs were ever alike.