Kinect autoload for players of Killer Instinct

At the EVO 2013 fighting game tournament, Microsoft revealed how Kinect will detect who is holding a controller and help automatically load a profile for its exclusive Xbox fighter game, Killer Instinct. Same event: Microsoft booed. Go figure.

According to GamesBeat, who got in because of IGN:

The Xbox One’s upgraded Kinect 3D camera isn’t just for tuning to TV or giving the NSA an easy way to spy on you. The device can also tell who is holding the controller, and it can help the Xbox One automatically load your profile and preferences.

Speaking during the EVO 2013 fighting-game tournament (via IGN), Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Isgreen explained how the Kinect will improve tournament play for Xbox One-exclusive fighter Killer Instinct.

“Say there are eight of you and you just start sitting down,” said Isgreen. “I know a lot of people are like, ‘ah! The Kinect camera in the room — I’m scared!’ But the coolness of being able to sit down, the controller pairs itself to you when you pick it up. It knows your buttons. It knows how you like to play. It knows what characters you want to play.”

Kinect on Xbox One is significantly improved over the original camera for Xbox 360. That means it can easily tell who is using a controller. Automatically loading profiles will save people the trouble of finding out that the previous player screwed up the button layout.

“If you have a character you love, it might select that character already,” said Isgreen. “Your buttons are already configured based on you picking up that controller. It knows it’s you, so it can do the leaderboards correctly. All that’s possible on Xbox One.”

As for Microsoft being booed, well, there is a lot of gamer residual anger toward Xbox One. Microsoft tried to make amends, but Lord knows, gamers carry a grudge, or they are all PS4 fanboys. See it for yourself. We are going to show every console love because that’s how we roll.