Report: Apple steps up iWatch efforts

A recent report claims Apple is “aggressively” hiring engineers for its iWatch team to “iron out” a number of issues related to the device’s design.

According to the Financial Times, Cupertino staff working on the high-priority project are unable to solve certain difficult engineering problems.

“Apple is apparently mulling acquisitions of small outside firms that may be able to help with the unspecified problems, but is also trying to keep key personnel on the project,” notes AppleInsider. “Currently, ‘several dozen’ people are said to be working on the initiative.”

The Financial Times also reports that the iWatch could hit the streets in late 2014, echoing recent predictions by KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who believes the device will debut in the second half of next year.

When Apple’s iWatch finally does goes live, Cupertino will find that the market has already grown quite crowded, with a number of varied devices from industry heavyweights like Samsung and Sony out and about in the wild.