Report: Apple’s MacbBook Air is the most popular

A new report published by NPD confirms what most of us already know – Apple’s sleek MacBook Air is by the far the most popular notebook in its class.

According to the tech research firm, the MacBook Air has managed to claim more than half of the lucrative thin-and-light laptop market, weighing in at a very impressive 56% in the first five months of 2013 (in the US).

As expected, the remainder of the market is currently split between assorted Ultrabook manufacturers. However, as AppleInsider’s Kevin Bostic notes, the above-mentioned NPD figures do not yet take into account the release of Apple’s newest MacbBook Airs, which are powered by Intel’s latest Haswell silicon.

“The 2013 models were designed to maximize battery life, with an advertised 12 hours of juice in the case of the 13-inch model,” writes Bostic.

“AppleInsider found the 11-inch MacBook Air to not only live up to Apple’s claims, but surpass them by some measure.”

Although the age of the traditional PC is fast diminishing, Apple has managed to buck the trend with its Mac line, generating more profit than the other top five PC makers combined.