Sony SmartWatch 2 pairs with your Android phone

Sony has confirmed that its long-awaited SmartWatch 2 will be hitting the streets in September. The device is designed to pair with Android smartphones, allowing users to access their handsets without taking it out of their pockets or bags.

The wristwatch – which boasts a transflective 1.6 inch capacitive touchscreen screen (220 x 176 pixels) – tells the time, manages phone calls and loads email messages. The smartwatch also supports NFC communications tech, along with Bluetooth. However, it is not WiFi capable.

As noted above, the SmartWatch 2 act sas a remote for an Android handset and can be used to remotely snap pictures, control music playback and presentations. Additional software features include a mapping app, support for the Runtastic fitness app, Facebook, Twitter and calendar apps.

Sony’s SmartWatch 2 should hit the streets this September, although the electronics giant has yet to disclose an official price point.

In the meantime, readers may also want to check out the Geak smartwatch – which runs Android Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) and is powered by an Ingenic JZ4774 MIPS processor clocked @ a cool 1 GHz.

Key hardware specs? WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC support, 512MB RAM, 4GB NAND flash and a .55″ LED capacitive touch screen (OGS) with 240 × 240 resolution. As expected, the device offers the ability to install Android apps directly from Google’s expansive app store, and is also equipped with the usual sensor lineup including geomagnetic, G-Sensor and Gyroscope, as well as a 330mAh lithium polymer battery.

According to the folks at CNX Software, the watch is water-resistant (IP3X) and can be used to monitor heartbeat and blood pressure, most likely via Bluetooth. Oh, and yes, it can also act as a pedometer or smartphone remote to snap pictures.

The Geak Watch is slated to hit the streets in China for approximately $325 this July.