GamePop console also runs iOS apps

The $129 GamePop – originally touted as a console for Android games – will reportedly run iOS titles on a specially coded virtualization platform. 

According to AllThingsD, the platform is known as “LookingGlass.” As AppleInsider notes GamePop will likely be the first non-Apple device capable of running iOS software.

“BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma claims that this will be accomplished without using any of Apple’s code,” writes AppleInsider’s Katie Marsal.

“iOS applications are run on the console through emulation software. Sharma said he doesn’t know how Apple will react, suggesting he has not been in contact with the company… iOS, is not open source, which is why iOS applications to date have remained exclusive to [Cupertino’s] iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.”

As previously reported on TG Daily, GamePop allows gamers to use their Android phones or tablets as gamepads/controllers. The company is currenlty offering access to “hundreds” of iOS and Android titles for a sweet $7 monthly subscription, while the actual console will be free to those who subscribe to the service before the end of June.

The GamePop remains on track to launch by the end of 2013.