Monect controls your PC from a tablet or phone

An XDA Forum member has launched a slick app that allows users to wirelessly control their PCs via either a phone or tablet, effectively transforming Android mobile devices into a keyboard/mouse/joystick/keypad all-in-one combo.

How does it work? Well, Monect uses WiFi or Bluetooth to connect to your computer via a sever application installed on the target computer.

Of course there are plenty of remote apps out there, but as the folks at XDA Devs note, what truly sets this apart is the fact that it can also be used as a controller for different types of games such as racing, FPS, RPG, and more.

Indeed, each game type of game boasts its own configuration with a familiar layout for those who are used to having different kinds of controllers for each game style.

“And it is not just the layout, the app makes full use of the on board sensors to provide the user the ultimate experience when playing (accelerometer, G-sensor, gyro, etc). For instance, FPS mode enables the gyroscope sensor, allowing you to aim at your target, while Race mode uses the G-sensor to enable steering,” explained EGZTHUNDER1.

“And these are just a few perks in this loaded all-in-one goodness of a control app.

The app is freely available in the Play store and has no special requirements such as root (other than the installation of the server side app on your computer, that is). The only thing that the dev is looking for at this point is feedback regarding bugs and suggestions on how to improve it.”

Additional features include:


  • RaceMode – Play PC driving game by your phone over wi-fi or bluetooth using G-Sensor.
  • TouchPad – Simulate touch pad on your phone with many gestures supporting, just like Apple’s trackpad.
  • My Computer – Exploe PC files on your phone.
  • Joystick – Simulate joystick so you can play Street Fighter or DMC, etc.
  • FPS mode – Use gyroscope to aim the target just like a real firearm.
  • Keyboards – Simulate typewriter keyboard, function keyboard, numeric keyboards.
  • Text transfer – Type text on your phone and then transfer text to PC directly with one hit.
  • Browser, Media Control- Easily control all kinds of web browser & media player!
  • PPT mode.

Interested? Monect can be downloaded here from the Google Play Store.