7 Proven Ways for Making Your MacBook Last Longer Now

Making your MacBook last as long as possible is always the goal, seeing as they are so expensive. After all, who wants to replace their laptop every year? Now anyone we know.

And, while Apple does say that MacBooks tend to last about 4 years, if there’s anything you can do to change that, it’s worth looking into.

That’s why learning the tips and tricks for making your MacBook last longer will help prolong your need to sell your used MacBook and get another one. This way, when you do trade your old laptop in for cash, you can invest in the very best model available since you’ve had so much time to save up for a new laptop.

So, let’s take a look at the best ways to make your MacBook last longer.

1. Avoid Using All the Storage Space

The fuller your laptop gets, the slower it will run. With your storage at capacity, your computer will also experience serious strain that will reduce its lifespan. Aim to keep at least 5-10% of your laptop’s storage free.

2. Run All Updates

We all know how annoying updates are. They interrupt your screen time and take forever to run. But they are important to making sure any bugs have been patched and your software isn’t vulnerable to malicious activity.

Run your laptop’s updates whenever they’re due. And, do them overnight so you aren’t tempted to delay running them (and actually forget).

3. Don’t Charge it Constantly

Keeping your laptop plugged in all the time strains the computer because it’s forced to draw energy from the outlet into the computer. Only charge your laptop when it needs charging, and when it hits 100%, unplug it.

4. Give it a Rest

You might not always think to turn your MacBook off every now and again, but it’s good to give your laptop a rest. Especially if you’ve just wrapped up a lot of work that involved a lot of files. Your computer needs rest just, like you do.

5. Empty Your Trash

Trashing files, documents, and images is easy to do and even easier to forget about. But remember, just because you place something in the trash doesn’t mean it’s permanently erased from your laptop.

In other words, those trashed files are taking up space and dragging down your computer’s performance. All of this strain will eventually wear your laptop down, forcing you to have to buy a new one before you’re ready.

6. Use a Laptop Stand

Using a tilted laptop stand will allow your computer to breathe more and prevent it from overheating. Plus, it’ll help with your posture, which is great if you use your laptop a lot.

7. Update the RAM

If you’re using programs like Photoshop, Premier, or are just using a lot tabs all at once, it’s important you make sure you have enough RAM to help your computer run more efficiently. Research how much base RAM your MacBook has, and if you need more, make sure to invest in enough the first go around.