Qualcomm touts Quick Charge 2.0, new chipset classes

Qualcomm has confirmed that its next-generation charger technology – dubbed Quick Charge 2.0 – will debut in devices powered by the company’s Snapdragon 800 platform.

According to Qualcomm reps, the new technology allows devices to be charged up to 75% faster via an integrated circuit that couples with Quick Charge-enabled wall adapters.

Indeed, Quick Charge 2.0 is capable of bringing a tablet to full power (60 watts vs. 10 watts) in just three hours – compared to the average 7+.

As Phandroid’s Kevin Krause notes, most standard microUSB wall chargers will soon feature the technology, meaning users won’t have to shell out extra cash for an overpriced or specialized adapter. Plus, the standards will be backwards compatible for an existing Quick Charge 1.0 adapter,

The bad news is that we probably won’t see phones with such fast-charging capability until early 2014, when the Snapdragon 800 platform hits the market.

In related Qualcomm news, the mobile company recently debuted two new chipset classes: the Snapdragon 200 and 400.

The Snapdragon 200 can best be described as a quad-core ARM Cortex-A5 running at 1.4Ghz per core. The chipset includes an Adreno 203 GPU, as well as support for cameras up to 8 megapixels .

Meanwhile, the Snapdragon 400 offers two distinct CPU options: a dual Krait-based configuration with 1.7GHz per core, or a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 set at 1.4GHz per core. Both options include an Adreno 305 GPU, Miracast support and up to 13.5MP camera support with 1080p capture and playback.