Vivaldi Linux tablet gets a hardware upgrade

We last checked in about the Vivaldi Linux tablet back in September. As you may recall, the device was originally slated to feature a Plasma Active user interface (UI), yet had encountered a number of hardware-related delays.

Fortunately, KDE Plasma Active developer Aaron Seigo now confirms the first iteration of the long-awaited tablet could roll off the production line by May 2013.

Although Seigo declined to provide precise specs, he did confirm the device boasts a higher-resolution screen and faster processor compared to the original 2012 prototype.

As Liliputing’s Brad Linder points out, the original plan for the Vivaldi tablet had been to secure a Chinese device maker capable of providing source code for existing hardware so the KDE team could create a fully functioning and open source disk image that would run on the tablet.

Ultimately, the KDE crew discarded the above-mentioned paradigm in favor of indigenously designing their own tablet hardware – and are already planning additional devices with faster multi-core processors, alongside multiple form factors such as set-top boxes and in-vehicles systems.

Partners (officially) remain on track to be announced in late February or early March, but as Linder notes, the Vivaldi open source project has already encountered so many delays that the current production time frame may be slightly unrealistic.

Nevertheless, a tablet designed to run Linux from the get-go is certainly one item I’m definitely looking forward to hitting the market.