Windows RT jailbreak automates a complex hack

It is unclear exactly how many Surface RT tablets Microsoft has managed to sell over the past few months, although we do know the modding community maintains a healthy interest in setting the device free from its factory-set shackles.   

Indeed, a new jailbreak tool has surfaced for Windows RT tablets. A previous jailbreak utility

was launched some time ago, although it involves a fairly complex methodolgy best left to those with enough skill to access the Windows RT kernel each time the tablet boots.

In the meantime, an XDA Dev forum member took the groundwork laid by the older jailbreak and coded a completely automated program that just about anybody can use.

Indeed, the RT jailbreak tool only has to be loaded and run on the tablet within a few minutes of booting it up. Meaning, the user no longer needs to poke around inside the Windows kernel where one mistake could mean a bricked device.

The downside to this jailbreak? It is a tethered solution thathas to be reapplied each time you boot the tablet. Once the hack is applied though, users can run ARM software that is unsigned.

Keep in mind, though, running such software and the very process of jailbreaking your device will probably void your warranty – and could lead to an expensive and unusable paperweight if you make a mistake.