LG showcases curved 55-inch OLED TV screen

LG has unveiled a rather interesting television set at CES 2013.

Dubbed model EA9800, the TV boasts a 55-inch curved OLED screen, which is apparently designed to make the entire surface equidistant from the viewer’s eyes.

LG says that the slight screen curve helps solve the problem of screen-edge visual distortion and detailed loss.

In addition to a curved screen, the TV uses LG’s Four-Color Pixel system, a pixel setup with the standard RGB and an additional fourth white sub pixel which renders improved colors, along with an infinite contrast ratio.

The LG TV also features the company’s CINEMA 3-D techn and supports Smart TV functionality. LG offers no details on when the TV might be available for purchase or how much it cost.

In related news, Panasonic is also attending CES 2013 where it is showcasing it’s very latest OLED tech, such as a 56-inch 4k2k OLED screen constructed with an RGB all-printing method. Using this technology, Panasonic is able to apply OLED materials directly to a substrate using a printing technique that forms the electroluminescent layer.

Panasonic says that the simplicity of this production process is expected to make the same technique easily adaptable to produce panels in a variety of screen sizes. The printing technique is also more affordable than other construction methods for OLED panels because the process is able to apply the exact right amount of organic material exactly where it’s needed.

Panasonic believes the above-mentioned technique can be applied to the design of OLED displays in the home entertainment, medical, and other markets. Hopefully, the more cost effective method of the all-printing technique will lead to significantly cheaper sets, which can average anywhere from $10,000 and above.