Video: Unu Android tablet targets gamers

Over the last several months, we’ve seen several products attempting to put Android games and related content on the big screen in living rooms. 

Some of the most notable products to make this attempt? The $99 Ouya game console, the $79 GameStick and the eSfere console

And now another mobile gaming product has turned up at CES 2013 in Las Vegas that allows users to game on the go, while offering accessories required to play Android-based video games in your living room.

The device – designed by Sunflex – is dubbed “Unu,” which at first glance looks like your typical Android-powered tablet.

In fact, it works pretty much like an Android device, playing video games and rendering other content on the touchscreen. However, as noted above, the Unu deviates slightly from the typical tablet experience, as it is packaged with accessories for gaming on the big screen via a docking station. 

The tablet is also paired with an air mouse game controller that facilitates easy navigation on the tablet from across the room. Interestingly, the back of the mouse boasts a full QWERTY keyboard, enabling text searches and posts to social networks. 

Sunflex has yet to publish additional specs, so it remains unclear what chip powers the device, how much memory the unit is equipped with and what the final price tag will be. 

Can this device take on the Ouya and Gamestick? Probably not, but only time willl tell for certain.