Samsung showcases 55-inch OLED TV, touts 85-inch S9 UHD

One of the most heavily packed categories each year at CES is the TV space and this year is no exception.

Indeed, all major TV manufacturers are on hand at Las Vegas to showcase the latest and greatest in TV tech. This year, industry heavyweight Samsung introduced its flagship 55-inch OLED TV known as the F9500.

The TV boasts self-illuminating red, green, and blue sub pixels – eliminating the need for backlighting – all while offering absolute blacks and pure whites with a very thin profile.

Interestingly, Samsung is billing the F9500 as the world’s first Multi-View TV. Essentially, Multi-View can best be described as a feature that allows two people to watch completely different full HD programs simultaneously on the same screen – complete with corresponding audio and controls.

This feature is delivered using special Samsung 3D glasses equipped integrated speakers to provide stereo sound. Pricing and availability for this tricked-out OLED TV is unknown, but it is unlikely to weigh in under 15K.

Samsung has also introduced a large 85-inch UHD TV known as the S9 which is powered by a proprietary upscaling engine capable of converting HD programs to UHD image quality on-the-fly.

The unit also features the company’s Precision Black Pro technology, delivering deeper and richer blacks and pure and brighter whites. Plus, the TV is loaded with an integrated three-way sound system and a quad-core processor to run apps and other smart TV content.

Samsung says it has a larger 110-inch UHD TV in the works that is slated to debut later this year.