Archos debuts Android-powered Multi-Touch TV Connect

Archos has rolled out a device designed to transform standard HDTVs into Android-powered smart television sets.

Dubbed the TV Connect, Archos is describing its latest product as a “Multi-Touch TV for Android,” complete with a specialized TV Touch remote.

Essentially, the TV Connect allows users to control their TV just like a tablet: tap, swipe, zoom in, zoom out, select or type.

You can also play games, stream videos, video chat in HD, email friends or surf the web – all from a big screen TV.

ArcTablet News confirms the TV Connect comes in two parts: the Android device itself that is connected to the TV with an HDMI cable and a TV Touch keyboard/remote control.

Interestingly, the Android device is apparently designed to be clipped on top of a TV, as it is the “computer” component of the TV Connect, offering a full USB host connector, Ethernet port, micro SD slot, HD webcam (compatible with Skype and Google Talk) and LED notification system.

Meanwhile, the remote control unit boasts a full keyboard with Android shortcut keys, including a key for voice controls and voice typing.

The ARCHOS TV connect runs Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and will be available in February, 2013 for £99 or about $160.