LG readies new Google TV lineup

LG is gearing up for CES 2013 with a number of new products, including a lineup of smart televisions powered by Google’s TV platform. 

This is a rather interesting development, as Google TV hasn’t really taken off as many manufacturers and industry watchers had originally anticipated or hoped. 

As you may recall, the biggest Google TV device to launch so far was the Logitech Revue, which sold so poorly the company eventually pulled it off the market. As such, quite a number of smart TVs have been loaded with various flavors of Android or a customized operating system designed specifically by the manufacturer.

To be sure, LG must believe that the Google TV platform still has some legs or there wouldn’t be multiple screen sizes and even 3D-enabled options on the way from the industry heavyweight. The TVs are slated to hit the market at 42, 47, 50, 55, and 60-inch screen sizes, yet will be significantly thinner with slimmer bezels. 

As noted above, all of the units will support Google TV 3.0 features, including advanced voice search and OnLive compatibility. LG has also apparently customized the Google TV user-interface with virtual “cards,” which act to group content for items like entertainment, weather and apps.

Pricing and availability of LG’s new Google TV lineup is expected to be announced at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. TG Daily will keep you posted.