HTC in Windows 8 tablet push

Remdond has been heavily promoting its Microsoft Surface RT tablet for months now, although sales of the device have been less-than-stellar, at least compared to Android devices and Apple’s iPad.

Then again, a number of other manufacturers are also selling Windows 8 tablets, some of which are aimed at consumers (RT), while others specifically target corporate users (Pro). 

A new report from Bloombergseems to indicate that HTC, which only recently launched its Android-powered Flyer, is getting ready to debut at least two tablets in 2013 that will be powered by Microsoft Windows RT. 

One of the tablets is apparently equipped with a 7-inch screen, while the other boasts a 12-inch display. Interestingly, the 7-inch tablet is also said to be capable of making phone calls, although it remains unclear if this through a service like Skype, or if it will be 4G-LTE capable. 

While there is no official launch date for the tablet at this point, HTC is reportedly targeting Q3 of 2013 for the rollout. Both tablets will be powered by ARM-based processors from Qualcomm. Unless something changes between now and Q3 of next year, which is highly possible, the 7-inch HTC Windows RT tablet would be the first Windows tablet in that screen size category.

The same source also claims that HTC was considering the production of an Intel-based tablet Windows 8 tablet, only to nix its production due to an expected $1,000 price tag.