Emulate the Mac Plus on your Android tablet or smartphone

The Macintosh Plus computer – introduced on January 16, 1986 – was the third iteration of Apple’s Macintosh line, ran System 7 (OS) and weighed in at a cool $2,599.

Specs? 1MB of RAM (expandable to 4MB), a 3.5-inch double-sided 800 KB floppy drive and an external SCSI peripheral bus.

We’ve obviously come a long way since 1986 and System 7, but there is still a fair amount of nostalgia for the old days of Apple computing. And why not?

Enter the MiniVMac, specifically a port by XDA member Fotax-x, that allows the software to

neatly emulates Cupertino’s ancient operating system on Android smartphones and tablets.

True, most mainstream users probably won’t be all that interested in downloading and running MiniVMac, as there are only a limited number of apps currently available, including a rather basic text editor and games such as Shufflepuck Cafe and Dungeon Of Doom.

Still, if you are interested in checking out of one of Apple’s ancient iconic operating systems, you might want to give this one a try.

Mac OS Plus can be downloaded here.