Report: Next-gen Nvidia Tegra boasts 72 GPU cores

Codenamed Wayne, Nvidia’s next-gen ARM-based (Cortex A-15) Tegra chip will reportedly boast a total of 72 GPU cores.

According to Mobile Geeks, the tricked-out 28nm processor is built around Nvidia’s 4-PLUS-1 architecture, namely a quad-core CPU with a fifth a “companion core.”

This design allows devices such as smartphones and tablets to sip a minimal amount of power for non-processor intensive tasks, thereby conserving precious battery life.

Additional specs include USB 3.0, dual-channel DDR3L memory, along with support for hardware encode and de-encoding at 1440p. 

Tthe latest iteration of the processor will also see a 6x increase in the number of GPU cores compared to Tegra 3, with performance jumping by about a factor of 5 – rendering displays at 2,560 x 1600, with 1080p output at 120Hz.

Overall, the Tegra 4 may very well be 10x faster than the Tegra 2 SoC, which will likely please Windows RT and Android enthusiasts who are already thinking about purchasing their next tablet with Nvidia inside.