Geek installs inductive charging pad inside his desk

Most smartphone owners out there will undoubtedly agree that messing about with wires to charge a handset is rather inconvenient.

No one likes to fiddle with chargers – no matter what brand of smartphone you own. True, there are a number of inductive charging accessories on the market that allow you to charge smartphones without having to mess with wires.

Then again, once you get over the hassle of having to plug a wire into your smartphone to charge it, many people will start to bemoan having to place an inductive charging plate on the surface of the desk where it inevitably gets in the way. I know I used to have an inductive charging plate for my phone years ago that I was constantly knocking off the small and cluttered surface of my desk.

A user on Reddit has attempted to address both issues – using wires to charge the smartphone and having to place the inductive charging plate on the surface of his desk – in a single project.

If you happen to own a phone that supports integrated wireless charging technology, such as the Nexus 4 or the HTC Droid DNA, you can try to emulate the steps in the video above.  

Equipment used? A hollow IKEA desk and the Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate, which was placed inside the desk, presumably against the bottom of the top surface, where the charging plate has enough oomph to shoot power through the desk to the phone. 

This definitely seems like a cool DIY project, especially since it doesn’t require an insane amount of equipment or time.