Raspberry Pi gets an app store

The little Raspberry Pi developer board has turned out to be a very popular device indeed.

We’ve seen the little board used in all sorts of projects, such as a clear retro gaming case that works in conjunction with some of the retro emulators on the market. Of course, there are also quite a number of software titles circulating on the ‘Net that are coded for the uber-mini board. 

And now the Pi Foundation (in conjunction with IndieCity and Velocix) has officially rolled out a new online store with the goal of

consolidating Raspberry apps and software in one central location. 

The market aims to be a one-stop shop for all Raspberry Pi needs and runs as an an X application under Raspbian – allowing users to download content and upload their own content for moderation and release.

The store boasts 23 free titles at launch including utilities, classic games, and more.

The Pi Foundation says it hopes the new store will help people share their creations with a wider audience and possibly make some money along the way, as it offers both free and paid software, along with a tastefully placed tip jar.  

The store accepts submissions as binaries, raw Python code, images, audio and video, with the ability to submit Scratch content expected in the future. Interested? You can check out the store using a web browser here.