Razer details slick Project Fiona gaming tablet

Not too long ago, Razer pledged to move forward with its Project Fiona gaming tablet – if the initiative received 10,000 Facebook likes.

Naturally, the company easily surpassed the 10,000 number and has offered up some additional (proposed) details proposed for the tablet. Typically, Razer is more known for designing gaming peripherals, but the company has been dipping its toes into hardware design of late.

Earlier this year Razer was busy showing off another concept device known as the Switchblade, which can best be described as a small, dedicated gaming notebook. We still have no indication of exactly when Razer might begin actual production of Project Fiona tablets, but at least we now have an idea what sort of hardware the company is considering.

Razer says the Project Fiona tablet will have a 10.1-inch screen and run Windows 8. Razer went so far as to open up a forum to allow the gamers themselves to suggest hardware specs. Interestingly, most seem to prefer high-end hardware, rather than cheaper and lower performing gear.

The consensus? Fiona should be somewhat similar to a previous prototype device powered by an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and paired with mid-tier discrete graphics. The crowd-sourced specs demand something roughly twice as heavy and as thick as an iPad, along with detachable controllers. Potential pricing was seen at between $1300-$1500.

Another interesting fact about Project Fiona? At least one version of the device has already passed the FCC. Often the FCC approval is the final step before product launches and could mean Project Fiona tablets are hiding in warehouses already.