Samsung Galaxy Camera gets an open-source bootloader

There is certainly no shortage of dedicated devs and modders working on hacking Android-powered devices to make them more useful and customizable.

Case in point? The Samsung Galaxy Camera. 

Essentially, the Galaxy-class camera runs Google’s OS and boasts integrated mobile broadband, allowing users to upload photos straight from the device. So if you happen to own a Galaxy Camera, you’ll definitely be interested to learn that an open source boot loader is now available for the device – courtesy of XDA Elite developer AdamOutler.

Once the open source unlocked bootloader is applied, you’ll have a world of possibilities and options available for the Galaxy Camera, including the ability to install an alternate operating systems such as Ubuntu or load customer ROMs.

AdamOutler created the boot loader unlock and an UnBrickable Mod. The open source boot loader the developer was able to get running on the Galaxy Camera is called U-Boot. U-Boot, run via an SD card, offered  the developer all the control over the device he needed, including fastboot capability. If you use this hack to unlock your Galaxy Camera, be sure and let us know how things went.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Galaxy Camera, it sells for about $500 and requires a data plan (via AT&T) for 4G LTE connectivity. The device is equipped with a rear 4.8-inch screen, a 20 1X optical zoom lens and a 1.4 GHz processor.