Apple Maps could kill, say Aussie police

Australian police are warning drivers not to use Apple Maps, after six people needed rescuing thanks to the app’s dodgy directions.

The app places Mildura, Victoria, in the middle of the Murray Sunset National Park, over forty miles away from its real location. Temperatures in the park have recently been recorded as high as 46 degrees.

“Police are extremely concerned, as there is no water supply within the park … making this a potentially life-threatening issue,” a police spokeswoman told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“Some of the motorists located by police have been stranded for up to 24 hours without food or water and have walked long distances through dangerous terrain to get phone reception.”

One man, whose car got bogged down in the park, was apparently forced to walk for 24 hours before he could call for help.

“Police have contacted Apple in relation to the issue and hope the matter is rectified promptly to ensure the safety of motorists travelling to Mildura,” say the Victoria Police in a statement.

“Anyone travelling to Mildura or other locations within Victoria should rely on other forms of mapping until this matter is rectified.”

Apple Maps caused annoyance and hilarity right from the outset, with users complaining that it misplaced cities and other points of interest, distorted bridges and showed many places completely obscured by cloud.

The problems prompted an apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook, and a couple of heads rolled.

It’s all great news for Google, which is believed to be readying its own  native version of Google Maps for iOS. If approved by the App Store, it could appear as early as this month.