Video: Enter, says the DoorBot

There is certainly no lack of devices on the market that will allow you to remotely view just who is knocking at your front door.  

Typically, these devices are cameras that support some sort of one-way (or limited two-way) audio and video, or may just be simple intercom systems. 

Recently, a new wireless device dubbed “DoorBot” hit the ‘Net, which claims to combine the best features of a video camera with one-way audio and a two-way intercom system.Wireless is obviously very important when it comes to a device like this, simply because users don’t have to worry about installing obtrusive wires. 

DoorBot also boasts an integrated camera with one-way video along with an integrated speaker system that supports two-way audio. The coolest part? The device is deisgned to interface with Apple’s iPhone and iP ad, allowing to receive notifications just as you would for a text message or phone call.

So, how does it work? Well, when a visitor pushes the button on the DoorBot device it notifies the owner via an iOS device. Meaning, if you’re at the office and someone rings the doorbell at home, not only can you talk to that person using your phone or tablet, but you can see them as well.

Another interesting feature is that DoorBot interfaces with Lockitron automated deadbolts. If you have a Lockitron on your door you can press a button on the DoorBot interface and allow whoever’s at your door into your home.

DoorBot appears to be very easy to install – requiring only four screws to mount to your wall or door. Power for the device is generated via four AA batteries promising lots of runtime. Unfortunately, it remains unclear exactly how much the DoorBot will cost and when it might actually be available for purchase. Still, in the meantime, we can enjoy watching the video above.