The iPhone 5 pans 360°

Perhaps the most practical experience most of us have with 360° cameras and the images they produce is  Google’s Street View platform.

It’s certainly pretty sweet to see everything in a circle around where you’re standing, but there isn’t exactly a lot of practical application for such capability. Well, that may be changing with a 360° panorama iPhone accessory dubbed GoPano.

Originally, this 360° iPhone camera accessory was available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. As such, when the Apple 5 launched not long ago, owners of the new smartphone were left without their 360° video and photo capabilities. Fortunately, GoPano went to work building a new version of its little accessory lens to fit the iPhone 5.

Like previous versions of the GoPano Micro, the lens for the iPhone 5 is connected to a case that the smartphones snaps into. The accessory allows you to film in any direction – swiping your screen to the left or to the right. The software also allows you to swipe left and right on the video even after your video has been recorded. This might be the perfect way to sell a used car or show off some newly acquired tech gear.

The iPhone 5 version of the accessory is available for pre-order for $69 with an estimated ship date of December 25. The price includes a second case which allows the same camera lens accessory to work with the iPhone 4 or 4S.