For Sony, it’s all about 4K Ultra HD TV

Sony continues to expand its nascent 4K ecosystem, rolling out an Ultra HD Video Player (or hard-disc server) designed to connect to the company’s 84-inch 4K LED TV (XBR-84X900).

The video player is loaded with content, including both full length Hollywood features and a gallery of videos, creating what the Japanese-based corporation refers to as “the first true home 4K experience.”

“As a standalone unit, the Sony XBR-84X900 TV already upscales all video inputs, including the more than 7,000 Blu-ray Disc titles currently in distribution, to a near-4K resolution through the use of Sony’s proprietary 4K X-Reality PRO three-chip picture engine,” explained Sony COO Phil Molyneux. “Now, with the new video player, consumers can for the first time enjoy true 4K Ultra HD video in the home.”

According to Molyneux, Sony was the first industry heavyweight to introduce 4K projectors to cinemas in 2005, the first to introduce a 4K projector designed for the home in 2011, and the first to offer a 4K upscaling Blu-ray Disc player earlier this year.

“Now, we’re the first to begin closing the content loop, offering native 4K content for the home and delivering the most immersive, awe-inspiring entertainment experience yet,” he added.

Pre-loaded videos on Sony’s Ultra HD Video Player include The Amazing Spiderman, Total Recall (2012), Salt, Battle Los Angeles, The Other Guys, Bad Teacher, That’s My Boy, Taxi Driver and The Bridge on the River Kwai.

Kudos to Sony for moving ahead with its 4K ecosystem, but mainstream adoption of the format may take a long while, especially since the XBR-84X900 TV is currently priced at a very prohibitive $25,000.