Apple fires Maps head Richard Williamson

Some might argue that he should have been tarred and feathered, but Apple has, reportedly, restrained itself and merely fired iOS 6 Maps chief Richard Williamson.

Williamson follows in the footsteps of iOS software head Scott Forstall, who got the chop a month ago after refusing to apologise for the Maps launch fiasco.

The Maps launch in September was something of a disaster for Apple, with the software offering bizarre directions, misinformation and poor imaging. It was launched after the company announced in June that it planned to stop using Google Maps and develop its own solution.

Senior vice president Eddy Cue took over responsibility for Maps last month as part of a management shakeup, and, according to Bloomberg, asked Williamson to leave yesterday. Williamson had been with the company for about ten years.

It’s not clear whether Williamson is to be directly replaced, or, if so, who will take over the poisoned chalice. Apple is currently working to fix some of the more glaring errors in the app. It’s roped in experts from outside the company, and has promised that the app will improve soon.

Meanwhile, though, Google says it’s working on an iOS app itself and expects to release it early next year.