Pocketbook color E-ink eReader launches in June 2013

There are quite a number of benefits to E-ink displays featured on many of the eReaders on the market today, including no glare – even in direct sunlight – and a very power conscious designe. Remember, E-ink displays only require a jolt of power when you turn the page, otherwise a static image can remain on the screen without consuming a serious amount of juice.

However, there are some significant downsides to E-ink displays as well, such as displays that are limited to black and white. Having a color screen is a somewhat of a big deal for books and publications that include lots of artwork or photos such as magazines. 

Fortunately, E-Ink is prepping a color version of its black and white display which it recently showcased at IFA Berlin. Apparently, the display is now poised for production and will reportedly power a new digital reader from Pockebook. The latter company says it will manufacture the world’s only digital reader with a lit color E-Ink display. 

The color E-Ink iteration of the PocketBook measures some 8-inches in size and support a respectable resolution of 800×600.

The screen also boasts capacitive touch technology along with integrated Wi-Fi. Additional specs remain under wraps for now, but we do know the device will include a decent amount of internal storage and is likely to be equipped Bluetooth support as well as a memory card slot.