Hitachi’s UltraVision TVs are Roku-ready

Hitachi has rolled out its new lineup of 3D smart TVs and next-generation HDTV’s.

The most interesting of all the new products? The UltraVision UltraThin LED televisions – which promise bright, vivid colors along with full HD image quality and refresh rates of 120 Hz or 60 Hz.

The lineup includes the new W806 Smart 3D TV that will be available with a screen size of 48 or 55 inches. These units offer a 120 Hz refresh rate while viewing 3D content – and boasts integrated Wi-Fi and IPTV connectivity.

Meanwhile, the S606 line is equipped with an MHL compatible HDMI input for devices such as the Roku Streaming Stick. This HDMI port allows users to add the Streaming Stick – providing direct control of a wide variety of video and online content. The S606 lineup has a 120 Hz refresh rate and supports full HD resolution. Available screen sizes? 42, 46, and 55 inches. 

Hitachi also has three new offerings in its Value Series that include the S406, H306 and H316. All the TVs in this particular lineup have ultrathin bezels, support surround sound, and Dolby Digital. The S406 is offered with a 32-inch screen and 60 Hz refresh rate supporting up to 720p resolution. The H306 is a smaller TV with a 29-inch screen supporting 720p resolution, yet also boasts a 60 Hz refresh rate. Hitachi’s H316 comes in 29, 32, and 39-inch sizes featuring a 60 Hz rate. All three of the screen sizes support full HD resolution.

Last but not least, Hitachi also has several new accessories for its TV line with Sound Bars designed specifically for the 32-inch and 40-inch TVs. The sound bar offer s four high-efficiency full range speakers and two high-frequency tweeters with Class D digital amplifiers.