$3,500 OS X ModBook Pro gets revamped

The $3,500 OS X ModBook has been revamped with increased SSD capacity and RAM, along with the doubling of pen pressure sensitivity levels.  

According to ModBook CEO Andreas E. Haas, the pen pressure sensitivity levels on the Modbook Pro, whose pen tablet functionality is powered by a digitizer from Wacom, has doubled from 512 to 1,024.

Meanwhile, the internal SSD in the Modbook Pro’s base configuration went from a 64GB Nishara-class drive to a 120GB Sanshara-class high- performance drive, with the amount of RAM doubling from 4GB to 8GB.

“The successful launch of the Modbook Pro has allowed us to secure more favorable terms for some of our components, and we’re happy to pass the benefit along to our customers,” said Haas.”The Modbook Pro ships later this month, so the improved specifications will apply to all currently ordered Modbook Pros as well as all future orders.”

The ModBook Pro can best be described as a mashup of an Apple MacBook and a Wacom Penabled digitizer targeted at power users in need of a mobile creative workstation. The specs are pretty sweet indeed and include an Intel processor  (up to 2.9GHz Intel CoreTM i7), up to 16GB of RAM and a 480GB SSD.

Frankly, the $3,500 price tag seems a bit steep to me and I’m not certain the ModBook will ever be anything more than a boutique item for Mac enthusiasts. But hey, props to ModBook for the awesome mashup in any case. 

Additional specs and information can be found here