Lenovo’s Windows 8 IdeaTab Lynx is up for pre-order

Lenovo is pushing hard to get into the tablet market with various Android devices as well as tablets that run Microsoft Windows 8 and RT.

The vast majority of Windows 8 tablets are still targeted firmly at the corporate world and business users who require compatibility with current and legacy Microsoft applications. One Lenovo tablet that runs Windows 8 is the IdeaTab Lynx.

The device boasts an 11.6-inch display paired with an Intel Atom Clover Trail processor and can now be pre-oredered at various online retailers for $599 under the name IdeaCentre K3. It should be noted that the $600 price point does not include the keyboard docking station accessory, which is expected to sell for an additional $150.


Hardware specs include 2 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage, a two megapixel front camera, micro USB port, micro HDMI, and a microSD card slot. The resolution of the 11.6-inch IPS display weighs in 1366 x 768, while the keyboard dock boasts its own battery promising to double the runtime of the tablet.

We also saw another Lenovo tablet earlier this month called the Twist. This devicet runs Windows 8, but is fitted with either a Core i5 or i7 Intel processor, up to 8 GB of RAM, and 128 GB SSD. Meaning, it is more like a convertible notebook with a screen that twists and folds flat, and so is probably somewhat closer to Lenovo’s ThinkPad notebook line.

Lenovo’s line of Android tablets includes the IdeaPad A2107 and the A2109. The A2109 is equipped with 1 GB of RAM, 8 GB or 16 GB of storage, a 1.3 megapixel front camera, and a three megapixel rear camera. It is expected to sell for about $249.