Livescribe touts Sky WiFi smartpen

Fortunately, Livescribe recently rolled out a new wireless pen which uploads notes straight to the cloud.

The device is aptly dubbed the Sky Wi-Fi smartpen and claims to be the first to integrate WiFi technology and cloud services. The pen is capable of digitizing everything you write, along with dictated content – which is then automatically sent to an Evernote account.

The new pen supports computers and tablets, while allows users to search their notes and locate specific keywords, tags and titles. In addition, notes can be easily shared on various social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Livescribe has also announced the pre-release of the Livescribe Mobile SDK 0.9 (with limited availability starting in December), which allows devs to integrate real-time pen and document annotation, along with related collaboration features.

The Sky Wi-Fi pen is currently available at multiple retail locations and online, with the 2 GB version selling for $169.95, a 4 GB version priced at $199.95 and an 8 GB version on the market for $249.95.