AMD’s Hondo APU powers new Fujitsu Windows 8 tablet

Fujitsu has introduced its Stylistic Q572 Windows 8 tablet which is powered by AMD’s Z-60 (x86 Hondo) APU.

The device – which measures 10.8″ x 6.9″ x 0.55″ and weighs about 1.6 pounds – boasts some pretty sweet specs indeed, including a 10.1″ IPS (1366 x 768) display at 380 nits, capacitive multi-touch for up to ten fingers and a digital pen input for signature capture and note taking.

Additional features include an HD front camera, full HD rear camera (5.0 megapixel with auto focus), integrated smart card slot, fingerprint sensor, embedded TPM, 2 x USB 2.0 port, ethernet port, HDMI port an SD/SDHC/SDXC slot, docking port, 7 hours of (swappable) battery life and optional 3G/4G.

Of course, AMD’s Hondo APU is impressive as well, clocking in with a low TDP of 4.5W, Radeon HD 6250 graphics and 3D acceleration.

”AMD’s processors provide high-quality experiences for both consumers and commercial workers with high-definition entertainment, advanced multitasking  performance and power-saving innovations,” explained Fujitsu VP Paul Moore.

“The APU combines high-performance serial and parallel processing cores enabling breakthroughs in visual computing, security,  performance-per-watt and device form factor.”

The Stylistic Q572 will be available with either Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro or Windows 7. Hardware options include up to 4GB of RAM, and a 64GB-256GB solid state disk (SSD). Pricing and availability are expected to be announced in the near future.