Android "Key Lime Pie" likely revealed 10/29

The next installment in Google’s mobile operating system is expected to be revealed on October 29.

The search giant has sent around invitations to an event in New York City on that date, and all the speculation is that it will be the launching pad for the new Android firmware.

It’s not perfectly clear what version number that will be, but it will carry the confectionery nickname of Key Lime Pie, or KLP as it will no doubt come to be known.

It is believed that the new OS will be unveiled alongside a new LG Optimus phone, which will be the first to come with Key Lime Pie pre-installed.

Of course, the majority of Android users are still sitting patiently with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which by the time Key Lime Pie is introduced will be three versions out of date. Nevertheless, it should drum up enthusiasm from the Android community.

It is likely no coincidence that Google’s event is taking place less than a week after Apple’s planned reveal of the iPad Mini. Google might be able to take away some of that thunder if KLP is able to draw enough excitement.

And interestingly enough, October 29 is also when Microsoft will be holding a Windows Phone event in San Francisco. So it’s a true battle for the holiday season as every major player in the mobile market tries to make the biggest lasting impression.