iPhone claims 46% of smartphone web traffic

A report issued this week by mobile ad network Chitika confirms that Apple’s iPhone has managed to claim nearly half (46%) of all smartphone web traffic in the United States and Canada.

The report also noted that the iPhone 5 generated 3% of all smartphone web traffic, representing more traffic than BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices combined. The closest rival to the iPhone 5 in terms of web traffic dominance as an individual device was the Samsung Galaxy S III., the latter of which  generated 2% of all smartphone web traffic. Nevertheless, according to Chitika, the iPhone 5 surpassed the S III in web traffic only three weeks after it was launched.

Legacy iPhone handsets, including the 4S in older devices accounted for 43% of smartphone Internet traffic. Samsung was in second place as a brand with devices cumulatively racking up 15% of smartphone traffic, not counting the Galaxy S III. Other smartphones – such as Nokia and RIM – cumulatively generate 37% of all mobile web traffic.

Interestingly, Chitika’s Internet Access Platform Tracker indicates that iOS devices account for 48.67% of all mobile traffic in the US and Canada, while Android is only slightly behind with 48.27%.