Slingbox makes a comeback

For the first time in years, a pair of new Slingboxes have been unveiled.

Originally introduced in 2006, the Slingbox was a revolutionary device that allowed users to connect their existing TV source to the Internet, enabling remote streaming from a computer or smartphone.

When it was first released, the Slingbox catered to the niche market of business travelers and those who had access to a computer but were always away from their TV.

Thanks to the emergence of smartphones, though, it is a much more mass market-centric product. Of course it also now faces more competition from other streaming services, but Slingbox remains just about the only way to access live TV content on-the-go.

The two new boxes are the Slingbox 350 and the Slingbox 500. Both offer more robust, high-definition 1080p streaming. However, only the 500 offers HDMI connectivity.

The 500 is also the only version with built-in WiFi. Those who opt for the cheaper 350 model will need to use a tethered cable connection.

“We’ve redesigned our Slingbox products from the ground up, adding features and enhancements that make them easier to set-up and use while creating the highest performing products on the market. With these new product introductions Sling Media continues to evolve and disrupt the category we created,” said Sling Media senior VP Raghu Tarra in a statement.

The 350 will retail for $180 and the 500 will be priced at $300. Both are officially due out in stores on October 14.