Acer’s Iconia W510 is a Windows 8 tablet PC

Acer has introduced a Windows 8-powered tablet PC dubbed the Iconia W510.

Interestingly, the device offers three distinct modes of operation: touch, productivity and viewing (browsing). The Iconia W510 also boasts a 10.1-inch display that supports 10 points of touch and is covered with Corning Gorilla Class 2.

As expected, the conventional tablet PC mode allows users to navigate through Windows using touch input. In this mode, users can play games, navigate websites and interact with Windows 8 apps – no keyboard or mouse required.

In productivity mode, the tablet is connected to the keyboard dock – offering a first-rate typing experience. In this mode, the tablet is more like a notebook computer, and as an added bonus, the keyboard dock is equipped with an additional battery that offers up to 18 hours of use per charge (together with the integrated tablet battery).

When the tablet is connected to the keyboard dock and rotated 295,° the Iconia W510 shifts into presentation mode, a hands-free platform that is ideal for showcasing video, photos and PPT slides.

The 10.1-inch screen is capable of rendering resolutions up to 1366 x 768, while the Gorilla Glass 2 helps protect the display from scratches and cracks. The tablet is powered by an Intel Atom Z2760 processor running at 1.5 GHz paired with 2 GB of DDR2 800 MHz memory, 32/64GB (SSD) of storage, a two-megapixel front web camera and an eight-megapixel rear camera – both of which are capable of recording 1080p video.

The tablet will be offered in four different configurations, with a base price of $499.99 for 32 GB of storage, and no bundled keyboard dock. $599.99 will get you 64 GB of storage, while $749.99 includes 64 GB of storage and dock. A high-end version of the tablet sells for $799.99 and includes the keyboard dock, Windows 8 Pro and a two-year warranty.

All versions of the tablet feature HD audio support with a pair of integrated speakers and digital microphone. The tablets also support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, while connectivity options include a micro HDMI output, a microSD card reader and a micro USB port. Runtime without the battery dock is up to nine hours.