Google could be changing "Nexus" strategy

Google is reportedly getting ready to roll out a new strategy for its line of “Nexus” Android devices.

Until now, the strategy has been to christen one manufacturer with the honor of creating the next “Nexus” smartphone. Google would then become involved in the design process and treat that device as the most important, giving it priority when it comes to things like firmware upgrades.

However, according to Phandroid, Google will instead begin offering “Nexus” certifications to any manufacturer that meets certain specifications.

So far, there have been three Nexus devices – the Nexus One, the Nexus S, and the Galaxy Nexus. All have been critically praised but not exactly blockbuster in sales performance. By widening its reach, the Nexus moniker could begin having a bigger impact.

Google doesn’t want to outright diminish its significance, though, which is why devices need to be future-proof, and manufacturers have to guarantee a firmware upgrade to newer versions of Android.

Google hasn’t made this announcement official and is not commenting on the rumors at this time. There is already a new phone poised to take the Nexus name – the LG Optimus G Nexus. It could have a lot of company pretty soon, though.