Vizio revamps HDTV lineup

Vizio has revamped its lineup of LED backlit HDTVs. Unsurprisingly, the new Vizio TVs boast larger screen sizes, and include units ranging from 55-70-inches.

In particular, Vizio is highlighting  the E-Series 60-inch (and 70-inch) Class Razor LED Smart TV priced at $999.99.

This unit – which  is currently available – supports Vizio Internet Apps and boasts integrated Wi-Fi, which allows users to easily stream content from numerous video sites, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu  Facebook and Amazon.

Additional specs include HD resolution video, a 120 Hz refresh rate and a dual-sided remote control that features a keyboard on one side and a standard TV remote on the other.

In addition to the above-mentioned E-Series, Vizio is touting its new M-series 55-inch TV set, along with a 3D 65-inch M-series. Remaining models are slated to roll out by Q4, including the 55-inch M550VSE at $949.99, the 60-inch E601i-A3 $999.99 and 65-inch M650VSE for $1499.99.

A 3D version of the M650VSE Twill be available for $1699.99, while the largest TV fielded by Vizio for its holiday lineup is the 70-inch E701i-A3 selling for a cool $1999.99. There is also the3D  58-inch 21:9 Cinemawide LED backlit Smart TV which offers the same aspect ratio as a theater screen and is slated to debut at$1999.