Team EOS serves up more Android AOSP

Team EOS is a well known dev group that has coded up AOSP (Android Open Source Project) goodness for a variety of devices. 

Essentially, AOSP is vanilla Android at it sweetest, a stripped down version of Google’s mobile operating system without the bloat, flavor and skin imposed by a handset or tablet manufacturer.

Team EOS recently released their latest stable custom ROM build – version 3 – for a total of 5 devices, including the Motorola Xoom, the Nexus 7, and yes, all three versions of the Galaxy Nexus.

Although all builds were officially released by Team EOS, the Motorola Xoom version was actually posted by XDA Dev Solarnz on behalf of the entire team. 

As expected, allthe above-mentioned builds (based on Android 4.1.1) are stable, and offer a number of key features, such as:

* Theme chooser.

* Battery indicator mods.

* Clock mods.

* Status bar color.

* Navigation bar color.

* Softkeys long-press actions.

* Navigation bar ring quick launch targets.

* Android rotation lock.

* EOS toggles.

* Hide system bars.

* Performance settings.

* Volume keys switch depending on rotation.

* Default volume control stream.

* Advanced power menu with reboot options.

* Hiding the status bars via the power menu.

And as the folks at XDA Devs point out, there are a number of under-the-hood tweaks that help make the ROMs lag less and improve overall performance.

Interested? Be sure to check out the threads below that correspond to your device of choice:

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