Horizon flight attendant steals passenger iPad

Want to fly the friendly skies? You should think twice about Horizon Air.One of the things we all worry about when traveling is that we’ll leave something important behind. With all the gadgets everyone owns now, the threat of losing something valuable is increasingly present.

The worst place to leave a product behind is on an airplane because once you step foot off the vehicle, you’re saying goodbye to whatever you may have left in the seatback pocket. After all, chances are even if someone does happen to find it and do the right thing, your possession will likely be thousands of miles away from you by the time you realize it’s missing.

And that’s assuming that another passenger didn’t take it, or it didn’t end getting accidentally thrown away, etc. One thing that would rarely cross anyone’s mind, though, is the idea that a flight attendant would see it and then hear jackpot sounds in her head.

According to police, a man left his iPad on a Horizon Air flight, and when another passenger did the right thing and told a flight attendant, the attendant stole it.

Of course, 43-year-old Wendy Ronelle Dye didn’t realize that the iPad owner had an app called Find My iPad, which was able to remotely pinpoint the location of the device to Dye’s home in Oregon City.

She tried to tell police that she planned to return it to airline officials, but officers found that Dye appeared to be using it for personal use; they found her information recorded in some of the apps.

Dye has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.